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Deco products convert concrete floors in factories, shopping malls, or villa’s into extremely hard-wearing, stain resistant, dust free and beautiful surfaces.

DECO Hardeners and Sealers

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DECO Products for Terrazzo

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DECO Acid Stain

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DECO Densifiers and Sealers

DECO develops and manufactures state of the art products based on the newest concrete nano-technology which provide concrete a rock hard, yet breathable shield.

DECO products convert concrete floors in factories, shopping malls or villa’s as well as the top layers from furniture, cement tiles and roof tiles into extremely hard- wearing, stain resistant, dust free and beautiful surfaces.

The main components of our products, lithium silicates and colloidal silica, penetrate deep into the surface of concrete to turn Calcium Hydroxide, into a rock hard calcium silicate mineral.

Our products Deco Lit, Deco Finish, Deco Sil and Deco Pin Fix are certified by SGS and TUV SUD. Please feel free to ask for further information.

DECO Products for Terrazzo

DECO produces state of the art products to boost the quality and beauty of Terrazzo and concrete products and floors. Our products make the surface oil and stain resistant and very easy to clean.

Products like Deco Pin Fix, Deco Lit, and Deco Finish fills the pores of  terrazzo and concrete surface, making the surface much harder, while keeping the natural beauty.

DECO Products penetrate in the surface and improve the surface ITSELF , unlike polymer coatings like CSS, epoxy and polyurethane, which make a film OVER the surface. Polymer coatings will become ugly within a few months or a few years and are very difficult to maintain. DECO products are penetrating and easy to maintain.

DECO Acid Stain

Acid stain brings life and color to old and new concrete. By applying acid stain, concrete gets the look of natural stone.

The newly formed earthy colors became part of the concrete surface which is very abrasion-resistant and durable due to our surface protection, which is based on the newest nano silicate technology from the United States.


DECO has done and supplied numerous projects in and around Ho CHi Minh City. Our products protect and beautify concrete floors of factories, restaurants, showrooms, villa’s in Binh Duong, HCMC, Dong Nai etc etc.

Please contact us for further information about our products at Jan@decoconcreteeurope.com

About Us

The co-owner and founder of Deco Concrete Europe, Jan Peeters , holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering in Delft (the Netherlands), won a concrete award from the Dutch ‘Betonvereniging’ in 1988 and has since then acquired lots of experience in the Middle East and Europe.

He set up a business in concrete chemicals in 1994 in Belgium to serve the European concrete industry and soon became preferred supplier of companies like Holcim, CRH and Heidelberger.

After having sold his business to Rockwood Pigments, he moved to Vietnam, where he founded Deco Concrete Europe. He used his vast knowledge of concrete to start the first company in Vietnam to produce densifiers, stains and penetrating coatings for concrete floors and terrazzo.  DECO employs numerous of specialists who are able to support Vietnamese polishing and flooring contractors.

Since 2009, Jan Peeters has built 5 schools and 1 orphanage in some of the poorest remote areas in Vietnam (www.liveandgive.eu).

Deco Concrete Europe produces the following products:

  • Deco Lit
  • Deco Finish
  • Deco Pin Fix
  • Deco Sil
  • Deco Fix
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If you are a polished concrete contractor, flooring contractor, manufacturer, architect, engineer , developer or other professional, please contact us.


Deco Concrete Europe, 76 Street 13, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam